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The Green RoomTM is a Global kind of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood for the Green Generation. It is responsible positive media for children, addressing planetary changes, childhood obesity, and other ongoing life issues that kids are routinely exposed to.


Children are invited into the adult world of hostess Cherry CapriTM, an eccentric Auntie Mame figure that is fun, funny, trustworthy and caring. Her daily activities center on a planet-friendly lifestyle. Episodes consist of Cherry speaking directly to her viewers about educational subjects, demonstrations, healthy habits and interacting with others. Each episode instructs children about how to be physically and emotionally healthy, and addresses common childhood fears with comforting songs & skits with a distinctive earnest spirit.
Every show includes an imaginary trip to ecology-minded “Futura WorldTM,” a domed city on the moon with SHAG designed “puppetry” citizens. Stories on Futura World allow further development of the day’s themes.


To provide a calm safe place for children to learn about themselves and the world around them built on developmentally appropriate standards and practices. To align traditional values with, and promote Shared Core Values that help children develop skills for learning such as: integrity, patience, compassion, consideration, self-esteem, self-control, creativity, responsibility, imagination, curiosity, cooperation, appreciation of diversity, persistence, structure and how to find peaceful ways of dealing with complicated feelings and issues.

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SHORTER Green Room Sizzle Reel

the Green Room – One Sheet

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